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Working with all women, whether you want to get fit, lose weight, strengthen, tone, get your body moving more freely with a Biomechanics review, maintain fitness levels throughout pregnancy or re-strengthen your body post pregnancy. I can help!


Coaching and teaching ladies across Reading, Caversham, Henley, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Personal Training


As a busy Mum, I understand the challenge of finding time to be healthy. I also know how rewarding it is. I can help you burn fat, boost your energy levels and enjoy the self-confidence of a slimmer, stronger you!

I can provide 1-2-1 training or why not reduce the cost and have more fun by training with up to two friends or family?!

Come to me, work out at your home or in a local park, we’ll work around your busy schedule. Together, we will get results!

My sessions are just the right side of challenging, and they’re never boring. We’ll use different ideas, techniques and fitness kit to keep your sessions fun and effective.

Like the training plans, prices are tailored to you, based on the package you require.


Come to my wonderful Pilates classes in Caversham to discover how Pilates can help reduce aches and pains, improve balance and alignment while helping you become stronger, leaner, and more toned.

Pilates is a gentle but effective form of specific body work which will help you tone up, look slimmer and taller, tighten your tummy, and get rid of aches and pains.  It uses a series of controlled movements to improve your core strength, flexibility and balance.

My Pilates classes include a series of Biomechanical muscle releases which help ease tight lower backs, hamstrings and help your body get back into its correct alignment so you can move more freely.


~   Trial class: £6   ~   Block book: £8/£9 per session   ~   Pay as you go: £10/£12 per session   ~

When & Where

All Levels Pilates
Monday afternoons – Time: 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm @ Sea Scout Hut, The Warren, RG4 7TH

All Levels Pilates
Monday afternoons – Time: 6.10 pm – 7 pm @ Hemdean House School, Hemdean Road, RG4 7SD

All Levels Pilates
Wednesday evenings – Time: 7 pm – 7.45 pm @ St Martin’s School, Pendennis Ave, RG4 6SS

All Levels Pilates
Friday mornings – Time: 10.15 am – 11.00 am *and* 11.15 am – 12 noon @ Sea Scout Hut, The Warren, RG4 7TH


Biomechanics is about finding out how your body works. Your body will always try to find the easiest way to get from A-B. This can mean some muscles over-compensate. Most people’s bodies are over-compensating for biomechanical faults. You might not notice everyday problems. But if you continue to exercise, work, sit, walk, and drive the same way, your body will let you know!

In your Biomechanics sessions, I will take you through a systematic full body screening which will highlight any biomechanics faults which need to be addressed. My treatment, suggestions, and exercises will take into account your lifestyle, job, and workout schedule. Let’s get you fixed and get your body feeling and moving better.

Benefits include overcoming sports injuries, addressing physical imbalances, postural issues and to help recover from pregnancy and birth, and easing out aches and pains.


As a mum of one, I totally understand what pregnancy and birth can do to your body.

Studies show that mothers-to-be who continue to workout through pregnancy can reduce the duration of labour, reduce lower back, pelvis and joint pain and recover faster after childbirth.

As with all Personal Training sessions, sessions are designed specifically around you and your individual needs, working at your own pace and level.

Pre-natal sessions will also help boost your immune system and circulation, improve posture, lower the chance of high blood pressure and provide the energy levels needed to enjoy your pregnancy more fully.

Post-natal sessions will help you shift any extra weight gained, correct any postural changes, improve pelvic floor strength or help a diastasis recti. Exercise with your baby or coordinate sessions with baby’s sleep time.

What would your own fitness success story be?

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