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Biomechanics might sound like a fancy term that only sportspeople have to worry about, but it really does matter to us ALL. In fact I’d argue it matters more to those of us who aren’t genetically elite (and don’t have an army of coaches and therapists on hand 247!)

So why should you care about the biomechanics of your body?

Your body moves as a complex unit almost every second of the day – even when you’re asleep. Your biomechanics (how your body moves) matters all the time – not just when you’re doing sport or in the gym. Standing, walking, bending over, lifting…

In fact most back/neck/shoulder/knee injuries actually happen during boring every day movements (shout out to my friend Nicola who has ongoing “dodgy back” issues after bending down awkwardly to pick up her dog’s bed…!)

Biomechanics vs physio?

Both have their place, but I think biomechanics assessments and exercises are more relevant for every day life.

Detailed research into Biomechanics programmes/exercises tells us that back function improves by 114% (!!) vs. standard physio at 39%

That’s the kind of stats which make me sit up and take notice!

Why is biomechanics better for back function?

As a trained biomechanics practitioner, I think it’s partly that we don’t just treat the muscle when it’s in spasm. We also follow up with a detailed plan to include strengthening and stretching. I review the whole body (because it all works as one unit). Just because you are feeling the pain in one area of your body doesn’t mean this is the bit that’s causing the problem. And I’m there via phone or email to answer your questions. Because you’re learning about YOUR body!

Want to find out more about biomechanics – contact me.

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