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  • 2018  The Year of Fierce! goals fierce stronger braverhellip
  • muddypuddle reflections timetomove walking active windy blowingawaythecobwebs windswept
  • Pilates classes are back as are the geese and thehellip
  • Day filled with Pilates planning Lunchtime session magic  circlehellip
  • Delicious late lunch catching up with a friend eggs tomatoeshellip
  • Admin morning for me gettingorganised feelingincontrol loverunningmyownbusiness businessplanning admintime playingcatchup
  • Quick walk after Pilates and between rain  showers walkinghellip
  • Thinking about it  wishing for it  really wantinghellip
  • Spa day for us today hotstonesmassage spaday bubblesforlunch lidoswimming saunahellip
  • Taking a quick walk while my car is being cleanedhellip
  • Love days like today Cold and beautifully sunny freshmornings coldbutbeautifulhellip
  • Workout  workoutathome lesmillsondemand bodystep gettingmysweaton readyformydaynow


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