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Hands up if you’ve got an achy lower back today? It’s such a common thing, but so easy to prevent (or at least minimise).

Here’s a quick and easy exercise you can do today to help your back. It’s my go-to when my lower back is playing up.

I tend to suffer from lower back ache when I walk slowly for too long (a common problem in the school holidays!) We recently spent two weeks walking around theme parks. I was suffering daily!

Luckily, as a Biomechanics coach, I knew exactly what do to help ease the pressure through my lower back.

The “4-sign” exercise releases pressure through the pelvis and – in turn – releases the back.

(Press ankle down into knee)
20% of maximum effort for 20 seconds
4 reps, 4 x per day

As well as the 4 sign, I do a number of other releases, stretches, Pilates roll downs and Yoga Sun Salutations which help my back dramatically.

Do you suffer from lower back pain or aches and pains that never seem to ease and or go away? You do NOT have to live like that every day – it’s not inevitable I promise!

Let me help you by doing a full biomechanical screening and giving you a personalised series of releases, exercises and stretches.

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