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Wow, this weather! Some of you love it, some can’t wait for Winter. Whatever you feel about it, looks like it’s here to stay – for a while at least. And we all need to keep working, commuting, eating, exercising – and sleeping! I’ve got some amazing expert tips on how to survive and thrive in the UK heatwave.

I’ll admit it – I’ve been suffering through this wonderful spell of hot weather. Yes, it’s glorious. But it’s not easy to keep working and staying productive! My energy levels have been down, I’ve struggled to sleep, and I’ve been wanting to eat more. Here’s what helps me (and my clients)

5 Ways To Cope In A British Heatwave!

Nap When You Can

If you’re struggling to sleep well at night, try taking short naps during the day. I appreciate this might not be possible for everyone. But if you can find 20 minutes here and there – take it! Make your room dark (try opening the windows and closing the curtains). Have a shower then get into bed. Don’t go on your phone. Just close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and relax. A 20 minute nap can be a lifesaver!


You need electrolytes in this weather – especially if you are exercising or have an active job. Electrolytes are the salts and minerals that keep our blood fluid level in balance, and we need them for every physical function. Coconut water is good, but a proper electrolyte blend is even better. Consider picking up electrolyte powder (all the online health and supplement ranges stock it). Add a small amount to your water and sip. You could also salt your food a little more in this weather. We need sodium! Foods like bananas, watermelon, and pineapple are all natural sources of electrolytes too.

Make Water Interesting!

You really need to drink more water. Try adding fresh herbs (I like mint), lemon, or lime to water and keep a big jug in the fridge. Or put herbal tea bags in water to steep (mint tea or camomile tea is really nice). Experiment with different flavours and combinations to find a way to make water tempting! Drink up!

Water From Food

Eat plenty of foods that have a high water content. Salads, vegetables, raw veggies, berries, cucumber, tomatoes…. you know the kind of thing. The heavier the food and the lower the calories – that’s a good sign that most of it is water. And yes watery foods count towards your water intake. Try keeping cut veggies in the fridge to snack on.

Do It Early

If you’re struggling with getting it done, do it early. This goes for exercise, walking, work, or any must-do life chores. You might find that you’re waking earlier anyway at this time of year. So get up and use that time wisely. Then you can crash out later in the day, knowing you’ve done what you need to do!

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