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Healthy Natural Supplements To Support Your Wellbeing

Do you want to give your healthy eating plan a helping hand?

I trust in Lean Greens supplements to safeguard my nutrition every day, no matter how busy life gets. Lean Greens is the UK’s number 1 greens powder. It includes your 5 a day and a whole lot more. I never recommend anything unless I use it and see the benefits myself. Lean Greens products are part of my daily health routine.

Lean Greens Powder


The UK’s favourite greens powder superfood supplement. An easy, tasty way to get the natural powder of greens into your diet. Can reduce bloating, boost energy and even help you deal with cravings for sweets! Amazing for your health.

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Sunshine Formula

Vitamin D3 has made the national news. Researchers say it is one of the most important health supplements for those of us living in darker, colder climates. Our bodies can not make vitamin D without lots of sunlight. Sunshine Formula supports healthy bones and teeth and our immune system.

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Trim Formula (Lactose FREE Whey)

Lactose and gluten free whey protein. Perfect post workout recovery drink or great tasting snack to curb hunger pangs. Two flavours available – chocolate and vanilla and supplied in individual sachets, making it easy to carry around in your bag.

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Good Fats Formula


Healthy fats are crucial. But getting enough from food is difficult (especially if you’re watching your weight). Good Fats Formula makes it easy to get a precise dose of essential healthy fats. Omega 3 fish oils can support heart health, good cholesterol triglyceride levels, and brain health. Good Fats Formula gives 500mg EPA and 250mg DHA per capsule.

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Drift Off Formula

Daily capsules to support restful sleep, improve relaxation and help you recover from the soreness of exercise. We can easily become deficient in this important combination of key minerals (zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6).

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