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Most of us still think of protein powder as mysterious bulking-up supplements for bodybuilders. But I use it! And you could too – here’s why.

Why do women need protein powder?

We don’t strictly NEED protein powder. But we do need protein. Most of us do not get enough from the food we eat. So protein powder is a convenient, cost effective (and tasty!) way to bump up our protein intake. It’s just food! But food in a powdered form.

What is protein powder?

Most protein powder is whey – which is a by-product of milk. So whey protein powder is literally dried and powdered food. (I guess it’s just a lot more appealing and logical than powdered chicken breast or steak…!) It’s not a magic potion, and it’s not dodgy. It’s high-protein powdered food which turns into a kind of milkshake once you mix it with water.

Won’t it make women bulk up?

No, it won’t. No more than any other protein food – like chicken, eggs, steak, fish etc – would do. Remember, it’s just protein but in a powdered form. The only thing which makes you look “bulky” is excess calories, and those could come from any food of any type. Bulking up is very hard work for women. We don’t have anything like enough natural testosterone!

Why will protein powder help?

If you need to get more protein in your diet, protein powder is convenient, has a long shelf life, is relatively cheap per serving, and is very quick to make. You can have it just as a shake, or mix it into things like your morning porridge.

Getting enough protein:
– helps your body hang on to precious muscle mass
– this >>> keeps your metabolic rate higher
– which >>> helps you lose weight and/or manage your weight

Choose a good quality protein powder with no unnecessary extras. It might be a good idea to choose one which is low in lactose, or free from lactose completely. I use TRIM formula and I’m happy to tell you more about how, why, when I use it!

PS This is a great article about why women should use protein powder – even if you don’t go to the gym at all!

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