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Debbie is a truly excellent PT, in fact the best I have ever met. I first contacted Debbie after a new year resolution having decided that enough was enough – I had to find balance in my personal and professional life. Having a full time job which includes travelling abroad and long hours, 2 young children and a household to run I just could not find the time or energy to exercise and wasn’t making it a priority either. I initially contacted Debbie for a 10 week programme and it was so life changing that it turned into 2 years and the only reason why we stopped is because I moved abroad. Well we didn’t quite stop, we are still in close contact to stay on track. Debbie is really an expert, extremely skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to workout with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push. Most importantly and this is overall the key to getting fit & healthy: Debbie works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, Debbie retrained my attitude while I retrained my body, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun and now the entire family benefits from it and is also more active as result. I recommend her without reservation. Debbie’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting makes her the best in her field, she has a fantastic ability to adapt to your style and to know which buttons to push to motivate you in any circumstances. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle not just for you but also people around you. I recommend Debbie in a heart beat and if you are still questioning it, make that new year resolution I made 2 years ago, Debbie truly changed my life to the better.

– Jasmine, Woodley

I can’t believe the difference that Debbie’s Pilates classes have made to my posture and strength in just a few weeks. Highly recommended!

– Susan, Reading

After being something of a gym bunny doing back to back classes and loving it to getting a condition that stopped me in my tracks I found myself with very weak muscles and lethargic, not being one that ever thought that Pilates was a “proper ” form of exercise I thought I’d give Debbie a go, how wrong I was ! After only a few months of Pilates and one to one PT sessions I am now fitter more toned and have lost inches!! And with lots of healthy diet tips it’s made it so easy to follow and keep on track. Thanks Debs your a star.

– Sonia, Reading

I began working with Debbie Wyer with the goal of becoming fitter and stronger. In the months since then, I have toned up, lost weight and inches and my blood pressure has dropped. An added benefit is that I have tons more energy and am more productive in both my personal and work life.

The best thing about working with Debbie is the collaboration she offers, working with you around your life and lifestyle to help you achieve the results you want. Personal training sessions are fun, no two are the same and even if I’m not feeling very energetic when I start a session, I know that by the end I’ll be feeling great.

Debbie’s gentle but focused encouragement makes me feel good about my body and what I can achieve while I’m working towards my goals, something that I find especially helpful as I have struggled with eating disorders and body image in the past. Debbie is also great at working with and around any injuries you may have.

Working with Debbie really has transformed my body and my attitude to fitness.

At the tail end of 2014 I took the decision that it was time to motivate myself to exercise; I hate the gym and really did not want a PT that told me what to do. With replacement knees and other leg complications I needed someone who listened, cared and inspired me. I contacted Debbie and have not looked back. Poor Debbie puts up with my swearing, she puts up with my dogs barking at her, she puts up with my determination and she puts up with my look of ‘ you want me to do that?’

Debbie is inspirational and understands people – the best compliment I can give her; because she gets me I automatically trust her and work during the sessions we have. It seems we shall work together for a while yet – sorry Debbie – you are, as they say, stuck with me.

– Stephanie, Caversham

The 10 day body blast was amazing. Lots of yummy recipes and easy to follow exercises for all fitness levels. For me the body blast has continued for much longer then 10 days. One of the most amazing things for me is I now eat food I was convinced I didn’t like. I eat bananas and courgettes almost on a daily basis and previously I wouldn’t have touched salmon. I feel like I’ve leant to eat like an adult for the first time in my life. In the last 6weeks I haven’t touched any crisps or naughty snacks and I’ve completely given up my 5 cups of tea a day habit. Obviously all these positive changes has enabled me to shift 7Ibs and 7inches although weirdly I have stopped obsessing over my weight. For the first time in my life I’m not controlled by sugar and caffeine. (Although I still treat myself at the weekends) I feel free.

I booked a series of session with Debbie earlier this year to focus my exercise regime which was a little haphazard! I had been injured previously during classes using weights, and was very nervous about attempting body pump and kettle bells again. I did really enjoy this type of class though and was keen to be able to attend again. Debbie immediately spotted a few issues with my technique, and we worked on this over the weeks. I was very pleased with the sessions we had, I felt much more confident in my own abilities, and have been able to attend body pump again! Debbie’s sessions were hard work, but enjoyable. She is very knowledgeable, and made me feel totally at ease. I would recommend her to anyone contemplating improving their fitness regime.

– Mandy, Caversham

I have just finished the ten day online body blast programme for the second time and would highly recommend it. Each workout is no longer than ten minutes and there are a huge variety of exercises and each workout is different – plus a couple of challenges thrown in….and they can all be done in the comfort of your own home. Looking forward to the next online challenge.

I started training with Debbie to try and loose baby(toddler) weight and get fit in general. She was so friendly and easygoing it was easy to feel comfortable with her. I’d never had a trainer before but she explained everything (repeatedly) and was so patient! She is tough in a gentle way and really is positive in her motivation. We trained outside and I loved it, the fresh air and having a laugh made the time go so fast. I’d thoroughly recommend Debbie to anyone, especially if you’re nervous, as she just puts you at ease immediately.

– Karen, Reading

Having decided it was time to change my lifestyle for the better, and would benefit from a personal trainer, I contacted Debs. It was the best thing I’ve ever done! From our initial meeting for coffee, she has given me encouragement, support and invaluable guidance as I tentatively head towards my fitness goals. As someone who has never enjoyed or been any good at exercise, my weekly sessions with Debs are now something that I look forward to all week and always finish too quickly. As someone with a history of back pain, I always feel completely comfortable with the challenges Debs sets and she is able to draw on her extensive knowledge and experience to tailor each session accordingly with no fuss. I would not hesitate to encourage anyone to give Personal Training with Debs a go – she’ll be your greatest support and help you reach your goals quickly and safely while having loads of fun!

– Sarah, Caversham

My husband approached Debbie as a birthday present as I had been complaining about not having enough time to exercise. I didn’t want to join a gym but just needed a kick start so I could juggle work and the children. Life is hectic and I just couldn’t see how I could get fit and loose weight in time for a big birthday and a wedding this year! ……and then Debbie arrived. Debbie gave me simple exercises that I have continued to do around the house (the kids think I’m crazy!). The exercises were simple and effective and her sessions left me energised rather than exhausted and dreading the next one. We achieved great results in a short space of time and I am continuing with the programme she gave me as I can fit it in to my day! I cannot recommend Debbie enough, she listens, adapts and is supportive. All you need to do is stop saying ‘ I don’t have time to exercise ‘.

– Working-mum-of-two, Caversham

Mid way through 2013 I decided I really needed some help in getting started with improving my fitness.  As a working mum of an 18 month old and a husband away on business travel regularly I felt very restricted, no opportunity to go to a gym during the day & no option of going out in the evening.  Meeting Debbie for the first time was extremely nerve racking, I had no idea what to expect from a personal trainer but Debbie put me at ease immediately.  It was clear she understood the challenges I faced.  My biggest concern was around if I had enough space to train but after the initial meeting I felt it was completely possible.  Over the next few months Debbie slowly introduced new exercises each session,  they were challenging but with her constant support I found myself wanting to go further than the previous session each time.  I felt more and more motivated and started doing more in between sessions as my confidence grew.  My absolute favourite training was the boxing, something I didn’t think I would enjoy but I found I could get really focussed and find a really calm place which both was great exercise and reduced my stress levels.  I have tried to get back into exercise before through gyms and classes, even without the lifestyle restrictions I had really not had much success.  I really don’t believe I could have got into the regular routines, stayed motivated and felt good about exercising in the way I do without Debbie’s help.  I would recommend anyone wanting to get their confidence up and to get motivation to book session with Debbie.

– Alex, Caversham

I arranged a few sessions of PT with Debbie after my motivation started to dip. She devised an exercise plan that gave me maximum benefit for minimum time – perfect for getting me back into the swing. The routine could also be easily cut down into shorter chunks if I was time constrained, which was a real bonus. The exercises were simple but hugely effective. I certainly always knew I’d done a work out the day after! And Debbie’s motivational style works brilliantly! There was at least one session where I started wishing I didn’t have to, but within a few minutes I was gritting my teeth and giving it my all! I will certainly be arranging some more sessions with Debbie in the future.

– Claire, Henley

I have gone from being an individual who didn’t do any exercise to someone who positively looks forward to her fitness sessions each week – thank you Debbie!

– Mary, Caversham

Debbie and I started working together in autumn 2011 with the focus being on a planned 7 day long distance walk that my partner and I had intended to do. My main goal at the time was “just to complete it!”. From the initial assessment we set up small achievable goals, which would help me reach my long term aim the following year. The main aim was for me to get to a level of fitness where I could walk a considerable distance without feeling like oxygen was required. Through fortnightly personal training sessions Debbie’s patience was invaluable – if there was an excuse for me to not do it I would find it. The approach that Debbie had taken with me was one of patience and support – not to “tell” me to do things but to encourage me to exercise. Debbie set up 30 minute bite size work outs for me to do in between our sessions and they were easy to understand, with pictures and clear instructions to help guide me. Our sessions always differ in content, which means that you are never quite sure what Debbie has in store for you, which is great. We have, since my walking holiday had an assessment session and the results this time were really positive – BMI down, inches lost and most important resting heart beat has decreased! We are now starting to plan my next set of small achievable goals and I really cannot wait!

– Jill, Bracknell

I was looking for a personal trainer that would make exercise fun as well as effective and that’s what I found in Debbie. From the first meeting, her bubbly personality and desire to understand me and what I wanted to achieve was infectious.  She introduced a range of approaches which kept up my interest levels and challenged me mentally as well as physically.  I went from doing anything to avoid exercise to looking forward to my sessions with her!  Having worked with Debbie, I am stronger, fitter and more motivated to keep it going. I would recommend Debbie to anyone – particularly those who do want to get fitter but are nervous about starting.

– Stephanie, Reading

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